The laboratory at The Jones Center is a moderately complexed laboratory that performs an array of testing that enables accurate diagnosing of patients with certain disease states.  The laboratory performs over 300,000 tests, in-house, annually that includes Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Apolipoprotein B, Complete Blood Count (CBC), homocysteine, lipid panel, hemoglobin A1C, TSH, Free T4, T4, Luteinizing Hormone, C-peptide, and High Sensitive CRP.,etc.  By performing such a broad range of tests, it enables the physicians at The Jones Center to diagnose, treat, and monitor disease states such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism.

The Laboratory at The Jones Center is accredited by COLA.  COLA is a physician-directed organization whose purpose is to promote excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care through a program of voluntary education, consultation, and accreditation.  There services enable clinical laboratories and staff to meet CLIA and other regulatory requirements, act in accordance with Quality Systems, and provide the best possible patient care.  To obtain this accreditation, laboratories must employ registered medical technologists and/or medical laboratory technicians along with a qualified and well trained support staff to help achieve the standards set forth by varies agencies such as CLIA.  Those standards can include, but are not limited to, proper identification of patients when performing venipunctures, proper documentation for instrument maintenance, proper documentation for employee files (educational background, continuing education,etc.), performing Quality Assurance, proper protocol for resulting and verifying patient results. The laboratory at The Jones Center employs two registered medical technologists along with a well-trained support staff.

Shonta Mincey MT, AMT is currently the supervisor of the laboratory at The Jones Center.  She was accepted in the medical technology program at Armstrong Atlantic State in Savannah Georgia in 1998.  This program was completed by her in 1999.  She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology in 1999.  Shonta has worked at various hospitals throughout her career in Medical Technology.  She has been in this medical profession for 12 years.  She joined The Jones Center team in 2009.


Diabetes is a disease that affects your body’s ability to produce or use insulin. Insulin is a hormone. When your body turns the food you eat into energy (also called sugar or glucose), insulin is released to help transport this energy to the cells.


The thyroid, located in your neck, is a large endocrine gland that regulates your metabolism. It produces two main hormones to fulfill this role.


The Jones Center Wellness Program uses the Team approach which stands for training, education, accountability, and motivation. Supporting our mission statement we provide comprehensive information and instruction empowering our participants to enhance their overall quality of life.

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The laboratory at The Jones Center is a moderately complexed laborator...

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