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 The Jones Center professional staff also includes Dr. Thomas C. Jones, Dr. Andrea Gatchair-Rose, Dr. Barry Johns and Dr. Ashwini Gore, who are board certified in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism.  John Sink, Steve Parker, Leslie Harvill and Jenny Stanfield are distinctive as only a few certified and specialized PAs in the state of Georgia to be members of the Endocrinology Physician Assistants Society. Rounding out the staff of more than 50 employees are Certified and Registered Dietitians, Sonographers, Medical Technologists, Nurses, Pump Trainers, as well as a pool of tenured and talented medical assistants and administrative support staff.

The expansion of The Jones Center to be a comprehensive care center was based on the combination of today’s prevalence of diabetes and obesity in our society. Dr. Jones also strongly believes in education. The objective is to be an education center where patients are referred for treatment before severe complications occur.

Dr. Jones states the Center’s ultimate goal is to “develop and administer a comprehensive care program for patients early after initial diagnosis, or if they come here with existing complications, a program to hopefully get it turned around.”

In addition to diabetes wellness, The Jones Center provides a comprehensive program for your vascular and heart health. Working with the Health Diagnostic Laboratory, The Jones Center can offer personalized programs of cardiovascular risk reduction for patients. The program starts with an inclusive CV risk assessment from a blood test, a genetic test and other cardiac biomarkers.

The Jones Center provides professional counseling, lifestyle intervention, group interaction, reinforcement, knowledge and follow-up.  Dr. Jones’ desire is to create a positive culture and environment for both his patients and employees.