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Classes At The Jones Center


Diabetes self-management education (DSME) is an American Diabetes Association recognized program taught by our certified diabetes health educators (CDE) and registered dietician (RD). DSME focuses on teaching you and your family member skills needed to successfully manage your diabetes and control your blood sugar daily. DSME also teaches you how to prevent potential complications such as: leg amputations, blindness, kidney disease and heart disease. In DSME classes, a person with diabetes learns important information about medications they take, foot care, eye care, teeth/gum care and emotions which can affect blood sugar levels. In addition, you will learn about which foods to eat and exercises work according to your lifestyle and at the same time control your blood sugar levels.



As part of the all day DSME class, the nutrition class teaches the importance of a balanced diet and how this affects diabetes. You will learn about which foods to eat and the skills needed to guide you through the challenges of healthful eating given today’s complicated and busy lifestyles.



Carbohydrate counting class is for people who have previously attended a Diabetes Self Management Program or have received individual nutrition counseling. In this class you will learn practical application on counting carbohydrates using food exchanges, portion control and label reading to control your daily blood glucose levels.


All classes are held at The Jones Center. For class times, dates, more information, or to register, please call 478-314-0925.